First dance

A first dance belongs to a wedding as much as a wedding cake. Whether this is a traditional wedding waltz, or a more modern opening dance of course depends on your personal taste.

Already with a few steps and a little bit of training you can wow your guests and feel great on the dance floor.

Even if you have never danced before there is no need to panic! In the past we have put a smile on the faces of people who, prior to coming to us, were solidly convinced they had two left feet.

What is more, we know how much there is to do and how busy life gets just before the wedding. We understand you don’t always have time to schedule dancing lessons. This is why we want to offer you various flexible dance options that fit your agenda.


A first dance that is tailored to your wishes and skill level. No idea is too small, too big or too crazy!

  • Fancy or traditional
  • Simple or challenging
  • As a wedding flash mob, with friends, witnesses or family
  • Father daughter dance / mother son dance
  • A wedding waltz or a mix of various dance styles (e.g., couples dance, line dance)

private dance lessons

Arranging a wedding is a complex and stressful affair, so it might happen that you completely forgot that the newly married couple has to open the dance. With us this is no problem.

We offer private dance lessons for only you two or you and your beloved ones. You decide how many lessons you like to book – it is already possibleto learn a wedding dance in just one hour.

The first dance in bullet points

At AO Dance you can learn your first dance online (if you like YouTube) or on-site:

  • through video tutorials (YouTube)
  • through private lessons on-site (in a rented location or at your house)

What do you need to learn how to dance?

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Before a wedding: practice with original shoes and hoop dress
  • At least 4 square meters of space to practice (at the wedding location best 4×4 meters, bigger always works)
  • Internet
  • A device that allows for streaming videos and making video calls (if you struggle and need a quick look over via video call)