June 5th, 2019

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A flash mob as a special gift

A few years ago, they first came up in the US, then in Europe – now flash mobs are also popular as a surprise gift for weddings, big birthdays and anniversaries.

One of the first flash mobs coming up with a high click-through rate on Youtube was undoubtedly in New York City. Thousands of people started dancing one after the other to the song “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas. They did not dance freestyle but they danced a rehearsed sequence of movements. Goosebumps inevitably! More and more flash mobs followed worldwide. Flash mobs mostly danced by professionals for example in the T-Mobile advertising at Liverpool Street Station or smaller flash mobs for various proposals of marriage.

Youtube is full of them: flash mobs.

Of course, flash mobs do not always have to be danced! For example, the sung flash mobs of “The Lion King” in a plane and “Rock mi” in the Riem Arcaden in Munich, to name only two, became known.

What do all flash mobs have in common?

It is all about a surprise. In public, apparently, people randomly start to dance or sing, make music, or do yoga. A few people start. Then they become more and more. And as suddenly as they started, everyone being involved abruptly stops, leaves the “stage” and goes back to normal.

Of course, a flash mob has been rehearsed and coordinated by a group of people. Usually the participants organise themselves over the Internet, dance or music schools. But the spectators do not know that at first. The audience is simply just flashed and usually remains to watch the spectacle.

How does a flash mob become a gift?

Of course, what you can do in public can also be used privately. There must be no professional dancers or singers at the start. A flash mob as a creative gift idea, as a surprise at a party, can be organised with just a few guests.

Who does not know the situation of searching for “the right” present? You are looking for a special gift for a wedding or a big birthday. Especially as the maid of honour or the best man, you often do not want to participate in the “group gift” or “just” give money. The same applies to big birthdays of your parents or grandparents, who usually have no special wishes, either.

So, what could be better than to surprise the newlyweds or “the birthday child” with all – or some – of the guests and create an unforgettable experience. We guarantee, it will be talked about for a long time to come!

Not everyone can sing or play music though, but almost anyone can move to music. And that too does not have to be perfect. The idea behind it is, after all, the surprise and that many guests make the effort and are ready to join. From experience we can say that usually already 5-10 minutes are enough to pick up all the guests with the idea and make them fit for the dance floor. At least, if the movement for the surprise dance is not too complicated. If there is at least one person on the dance floor who has danced the dance a few times before, everything is relaxed. Copying from others to feel safer is perfect 😉

The only thing that takes a little more time and makes the “flash mob as a gift” idea more complex is the organisation.

About 3 weeks before the event the guests should get informed

What usually has to be organised:

  • select the music for the surprise dance
  • dcome up with the steps / movements / little choreography
  • contact and coordinate all guests to practice
  • if necessary, filming the dance steps so that everyone can practice with videos at home

The choice of music should be the smallest challenge. The flash mob choreography and the “how do I convey this to the guests” could be a bit more difficult. But everything is possible and some of the wedding surprises or special birthday presents can also be found online.

However, if you fancy a flash mob and think the “gift idea” is great, but the “How should the flash mob look like and how do I teach it” – thoughts overwhelm you, maybe we can help.

It doesn’t matter whether you bring the flash mob onto the dance floor on your own or with our help – the only important thing is that the presentee is happy!!

We either choreograph a simple choreography to your chosen song, or you just pick one out of our four “flash mob best seller” which are danceable to almost every song.
You will then receive a text with links to “exercise videos”, which you need for the surprise dance and which you can simply forward. (For those who select the music and start the flash mob, there is a short additional instruction as well). Should you find it hard to choose music, you will also get this list of well-usable “flash mob songs” as an impulse.

So, all you have to do is to select the song you want to dance on and to get the email addresses or phone numbers for a whatsapp group of all the guests. Or of the guests you want to dance at the special occasion – the more the better. And about 3-4 weeks before the event, you then send the Email / Whatsapp message with the flash mob Quick Start Guide to everyone. Done.
If the guests are spontaneous, often only a few days before are enough to get the dance on the dance floor – easily! However, it is more likely to have more people on the dance floor, if you send them out a little earlier.

The surprise – especially with loads of “usually non-dancer-guests” is guaranteed!!