Customised flash mob

You are the best man at your friend’s wedding and you know the groom would just love it if all the wedding guests suddenly got up and danced to his favorite song? Or you are the parents of the bride and you would like to give your daughter an amazing wedding surprise? Whether you would just like to surprise your grandmother with a personal birthday gift, or do it as a unique and creative proposal, or because you are the one getting married and you would like to entertain your guests, at a restaurant, in the registry office or at the beach: a flash mob is an unusual gift that is not only a great surprise but also a great memory.

Special occasion

A flash mob is not about everyone knowing all steps to perfection but about surprising someone you care about and to make them happy. You will see that everyone will love it, guaranteed!

We write the choreography, help organising it all and give you the instructions for the flash mob for a wedding or any other festive occasion!

Or you simply need a dance choreography for whatever occasion? Then this is your place!

Call us, and let us advise you (non-binding).

Custom-made flash mobs are also a great marketing tool:

Flash mobs are effective, social media friendly, attract attention and spread positive energy. We help bringing your company into the limelight, increase world wide recognition and profit from the success!

This is how it works:

  1. You decide to give a flash mob as a present! (or use it for marketing purposes)

We recommend:

  • The earlier you decide, the better!
  • If you like to learn your flash mob exclusively through a livestream/ video call (depending on the desired difficulty level) then booking 5-6 weeks in advance is sufficient. Maybe we can arrange it later but we can’t promise.
  • If you also want to learn with videos, then you should book at least 5-6 weeks before the party, due to our limited capacity but also because we want to ensure a high-quality choreography. Latest 3 weeks before the party you should then send the video link to all parties involved, so they have the chance to learn the dance in time.
  • This does not mean that it takes three weeks to learn a flash mob. It is our experience that 10 to 60 minutes are typically enough, but not everyone has the time to practice right away.
  1. Calling us – getting to know each other – checking if we have the time in our schedules – joint brainstorming or sharing your idea – Explanation for learning with music – music selection
  2. Receiving your personal offer – agreeing – getting started!
  3. The choreography will be written according to your desired difficulty level and the selected song.
  4. You will receive an e-mail from us, containing further instructions and access to the dance and explanatory videos. The only thing you have to worry about then is distributing the link(s) amongst the people that are to participate in the flash mob.
  5. Anyone with the link has access from any place that has internet, as often as they want.
  6. If you decide to learn through a livestream we have to agree on a time and you invite all participants to be online at that time. We ‘meet’ online and you all will receive detailed instructions for the flash mob over a screen (without or in addition to videos), we recommend doing the livestream 7-14 days before the big performance
  7. During the celebration/ party, you will have to ensure that the recipient(s) are placed so that they can see the upcoming spectacle and that the music is started. You start dancing with a few, and before you know it everybody will join in!