Flash mob

What is a flash mob? At AO dance this is a surprise dance in which all friends, guests or co-workers “suddenly” start dancing. A flash mob can be used commercially, but could also be a special tribute on a wedding day or private party. It could be an original gift to your grandfather on his 80th birthday, to the bride and groom at the registry office or to surprise your parents at their silver wedding celebration.


A flash mob specially choreographed to fit a song you chose. This is the perfect way to guarantee a nice experience and happy bystanders, but also serves as the perfect personal gift or fancy surprise.
We help you with brainstorming or help you turn your idea into reality – the possibilities are endless. You can learn the flash mob online and dance offline, and we help you with organising everything.

Flash mobs on YouTube

A special occasion – an idea for a unique gift!
Learn one of our four flashs and use links to both explanation and practice videos that you can share with all (guests) who will participate in the flash mob.

All flash mobs are designed so that even dance beginners can join in, and consist of simple choreographies that are easy to follow.

Commercial flash mob

  • A flash mob can be an excellent marketing tool, and can get you world-wide recognition with the help of social media.
  • Book dancers (depending on location) for the surprise dance, should you not want to dance yourself.
  • The same of course also goes for a flash mob as a special proposal

The flash mob in bullet points

At AO Dance you can learn your flash mob online:

  • Through video tutorials
  • Through a livestream (only for customised flash mobs if we have the capacity)
  • Through a combination of both

What do you need to learn a flash mob?

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Enough room to practice (2-5 square meters)
  • Internet
  • A device that allows for streaming