Flash mob best seller

Whether it is for dad’s birthday, the wedding of your best friend or for the golden wedding anniversary of your neighbours.

A flash mob draws attention in a restaurant, at the registry office but also in a park. It is a unique gift, that does not just create a great atmosphere but also amazing memories.

The goal of a flash mob is not that everyone does every step in perfect fashion, but rather to give someone you care about a great surprise.

  • Fit for various occasions
  • Easy to follow steps for all guests
  • Includes Video tutorials* as well as practice videos* with slow and fast music, so that you are prepared for whatever song ends up being chosen for the flash mob – the final song should be communicated to all those who participate well in advance of the big party (for practice purposes).
  • Contains a list of example songs

*all video lessons are written and taught by professional dance teachers.

The person booking the flash mob usually selects a fitting song for the surprise dance, and is also the person that begins dancing, together with a few select people as soon as the music starts. Other guests will join in later on (those that are part of the complot have to, others will hopefully join spontaneously) and the spectacle unfolds.

Best seller “Choreo 1”

A dance routine that fits all. The choreography consists of 8 bars (counting 4x to 8) that repeat themselves and are perfect for everybody to dance along to.
59 €

Best seller “Choreo 2”

An easy, somewhat longer dance routine consisting of two parts that are repeated. This flash mob is also fit for absolute beginners and is 16 bars long (counting 4x to 8 twice).

59 €

Best seller “Choreo 3”

Also fit for beginners, consisting of two parts with 8 bars each, that are repeated. 16 bars long (counting 4x to 8 twice)

59 €

best seller “Choreo 4”

This best seller is perfect for small venues, because this dance barely requires any movement forward or backward and contains only two sideways steps. Easy dance routine consisting of 8 repeating bars (counting 4x to 8).
59 €

All flash mob best sellers are choreographed to fit a song written in quadruple time (4/4).

We recommend that the song has a tempo of 28-33 bars per minute, roughly corresponding to 110-130 beats per minute. To give an example, “Just the way you are! – “Bruno Mars” or “Shut up and dance” – “Walk the moon” would fit that limit speed-wise.

Slower is always possible, but for faster dances more practice and smaller steps are generally required. Songs with a strong and clear beat are preferred, think of “one kiss” by “Dua Lipa”.

This is how it works:

  1. You decide to give a flash mob as a present!
    We recommend you to book and distribute the practice link latest a week before the party, so everyone has a chance to practice. (the earlier the better! 3 weeks are perfect)
  2. You choose a best seller, it only takes a few clicks to buy and then we’re off!
  3.  You will receive an e-mail from us, containing further instructions and access to the dance and explanatory videos. The only thing you have to worry about then is distributing the link and password amongst the people that are to participate in the flash mob.
  4. Anyone with the link and the password has access from any place that has internet, as often as they want.
  5. If you decide to learn through a livestream we have to agree on a time and you invite all participants to be online at that time. We ‘meet’ online and you all will receive detailed instructions for the flash mob over a screen (without or in addition to videos), we recommend doing the livestream 2 – 7 days before the big performance.
  6. During the celebration/ party, you will have to ensure that the recipient(s) are placed so that they can see the upcoming spectacle and that the music is started. You start dancing with a few, and before you know it everybody will join in!


flashmob best seller

“… Even the bride and groom joined in by the end. Then the mood could not be broken. I can wholeheartedly recommend this as a gift!”..read more..