Have you always wanted to visit a dance class with your friends, but simply never found the time or place to fit your schedule? Have you always wanted to learn disco fox, but never found the right dance course? Or would you like to prepare yourself and your partner for a dance event without being distracted by other dance students? Then our private lessons or dance and crash courses are perfect for you!

As a couple of as a group, online or when possible on-site.

Private course / private lesson

Do you want to take part in a dance course in your garden, together with your neighbours? Or are you living in a retirement home and do you want to dance to stay fit (of course the intensity of this course would be adjusted to avoid injuries)?

Or perhaps you want to use your living room to practice the first dance for your wedding? In our private lessons you decide which dance(s) (and for which occasion) will be taught and where: on-site or online.

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dementia prevention

Dancing is the best prevention to avoid getting the dementia disease early. You cannot complete stop the disease but you can postpone it as much as possible. Regular dancing and learning new steps, training body and brain this is what it mainly is about.

Ask us for taster sessions in your city or book lessons or a lecture for an elderly home or wherever you want.

Our specials in bullet points

At AO dance you can learn to dance:

  • Through online lessons (if you like YouTube – no private online lessons at the moment – sorry!).
  • Through on-site lessons (with teaching taking place on a set location, time and date)

What do you need to learn how to dance?

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Before a wedding: practice with original shoes and hoop dress

Additional for online classes

  • At least 4 square meters of space to practice (at the wedding location best 4×4 meters, bigger always works)
  • Internet (if you like to learn with YouTube videos)

Ideas for preventing dementia – practising with 80+ people – even if its in German, it should be not to complicated to understand – and if you would like to have those videos in English – please let us know!