Private courses and lessons

Picture this: you are having a nice evening with friends. You want to cook something together, eat and then learn how to dance in the living room.

Or maybe you want to surprise the guests to your wedding with crash course, before or even during the wedding itself? Perhaps you just realised most of your schoolmates cannot dance but your graduation ball is right around the corner.

Or maybe you want to learn a boogie in the style of the 50’s for your next birthday party?
Everything is possible!

We can brainstorm together or implement your idea directly!

Dancing for every occasion

Many of the couples that dance with us book private lessons in addition to the videos to be able to ask questions, get tips or to give their dance the finishing touch. Many also take private lessons as a substitute to or instead of videos.

One to three lessons can be enough to reach your goal (depending on what that is). An additional advantage is that you won’t have to drive for an extended period of time, won’t have to look for parking spots and instead get privacy as well as individual care.

There are 2 possibilities:

Online (if you like YouTube)

Regardless of where you are right now, in your living room or in your kitchen, on a holiday or business trip: all you need is a good internet connection.

sorry that we don’t teach digitally private lessons any more – no capacity – hope you understand and therefore we offer our YouTube tutorials for free


Provided that you are not too far away we can also come to a location you rented, or to your house. Private lessons and courses are bookable from 45 minutes. Please be aware that we do have to charge additional costs for travel / room hire if applicable.
Contact us now and we can give you a non-binding advice.

This is what you can expect:

1. We get to know each other on the phone and discuss your expectations and/ or brainstorm together which dance and class type we recommend. Also we look at how many hours are minimally required and whether we can agree on exact appointments.

2. If you want to do the course on-site then a dance teacher will come to you on the appointed times.