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Our team


Dance teacher and Founder (DE/EN)

“my passion”


For me, dancing is more than a hobby. It is my passion, which I turned into my profession several years ago. Even though I did a study in business administration, I could not help but to want to go back my roots: dancing. I became a certified ADTV dance instructor, and spent three years honing my dance skills, but also discovering the joy of teaching dance to others. This strengthened me in my belief that “Dancing should be fun!”


Freelance dance teacher (DE/EN)

“Dancing is my life”


I discovered my love for dancing at the age of 5. Starting with children’s ballet, carnival and majorettes, winning several gold medals in Jazz and Modern dance at “Youth trains for Olympia” and at the age of 16 moving on to Standard and Latin dancing. Following the example of my dance teacher I sought ways to turn a hobby into my ultimate dream job. After graduating high school I took the step to make that dream a reality.


Freelance dance teacher

from Hamburg (DE/EN/ES)
Currently on parental leave – Congratulations from all of us!!!


Dance assistant

Like so many girls I started doing ballet at the age of 4 and I have never stopped dancing. Later I also gained experience in Hip Hop dancing, and learned my first Waltz steps at age 14. After moving to Spain at age 18, I discovered my love for Salsa and Bachata. I cannot imagine my life without dance.

My role model: Shakira.


Dance assistant

I attended my first dance course at age 14, and dancing has been a big hobby for me ever since. In addition to Standard and Latin dancing I also learned Disco Fox and Salsa. Since 2016 I’ve been touring past several tournaments and showdance events with the standard formation “Blau-Gold-Casino Darmstadt”. Being a dance assistant allows me to enthuse others for my passion and I enjoy seeing customers overcoming their hesitations and finding the joy in dancing.


Dance assistant

“Some people must be pushed on their path to happiness” . I think that best describes me and dancing. Saying I did not want to go to a dance course is an understatement, but my family made sure that I stood on the dance floor for the first time in 2013. Two years later I became a dance assistant and I have been passionate about it to this very day. That says it all I think ;).


Dance assistant

The first time I ever danced was in my own wedding crash course… Two years later I decided to learn this wonderful hobby from scratch and in more detail.
Followed by 8 years of learning and meanwhile assisting in dance classes for 7,5 years before Annika Asked me to assist her.
Dancing for me is the best opportunity to forget about your all day life, to compensate stress and to remain fit mentally and physically.


Camera man & Photographer

I am the cameraman and photographer of the team.
At the moment I am finishing my Communication Design study at the Hochschule Düsseldorf. My focus is on Photo/Video and when I am not editing or filming, I am travelling around the world.


… this is also us … 😉